Our Wines

“URLAR [er-lar] = of the Earth” : Proudly crafted.

Certified Organic. Vegan Friendly. Top Quality.

Our vision is to produce outstanding single vineyard wines that reflect their origins. We feel the only way to give integrity to this vision is to grow grapes and make wine utilising both organic and biodynamic principles. URLAR; Gaelic for “the Earth”, is the heart of our farming system. Our desire is to bring an abundance of life back to these ancient soils so you can discover the purity of flavour that is inherent in our land.

For orders outside of New Zealand, please contact us at [email protected].

The Mediator

It was Philip the Fair in 1293 who first used a Mediator to settle a dispute over land rights with his brother. From that day on we have viewed this term with regards to fairness, to balanced reasoning and to harmony. So it is with The Mediator by Urlar.

Our Mediator wines express the season. We are the caretakers of the land, nurturing the soil and the bio-diversity that lives beneath and above. So much so that our dedicated team often finds themselves knee-deep in compost with cow horns in hand. We take into consideration the lunar cycles, seasonal weather variation and the greater cosmos to bring you this balanced expression of our earth and our people. Best enjoyed with friends and family.

Our New Challenge:

Green Songs

Not one to rest on our laurels, URLAR has recently developed an experimental range of wines under our Green Songs label.

We are relentlessly trying new things in the vineyard and winery. Starting on a small scale, we adopt our methodology in the vineyard or pursue a new style of wine in the winery allowing the team full creativity. Once we have found it interesting enough to share with our friends and family as a standalone wine, the wine is released under Green Songs.

And so this brand is positioned as the incubator of URLAR in the future. We trust you will find this journey as interesting as we do.