Great wines are not made from just any fruit; they are born of the earth which nurture the vines. Urlar does not make wine from “fruit”. Urlar makes wines from vineyards with individual character traits on an estate property.

Our Wines

The key to the lusciousness of the New Zealand wines lies in the unique and vibrant nature.

URLAR wines are especially rare among them. The certified organic grapes grown on well-drained Gladstone soil using Biodynamic principles are lovingly crafted into top quality wine, ready to be shared with you.

Certified Organic & Biodynamic Practices

URLAR [pron. er-lar] means The Earth in Gaelic and represents our passion & dedication to our land & our vines.

Our 31-hectare single vineyard is located on ancient free-draining soils and our inter-row crop rotation maintains healthy soils full of life and biodiversity. Every year, one row in seven will be sowed in a variety of plants and beneficial flowers.

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