2021 Vintage Report

Very rich and concentrated across the range, and tasting delicious

2021 vintage in the winery at URLAR was the complete opposite to 2020. Bunch and berry sizes were incredibly small and it was a much lighter crop due to challenging spring weather around flowering. Multiple touches of frost also affected some parts of the vineyard and made for a smaller but more concentrated vintage. It sometimes took days to fill a fermenter and we certainly had some space for making some trials and skin-fermented projects.

Our team was a diverse bunch from many backgrounds and we water lucky to get through the harvest without the COVID related restrictions and stresses of 2020. Jacob Walker our EIT (eastern institute of Technology) scholarship student was an amazing addition to our experienced team. Assistant Winemaker Evie Livesey helped manage a smooth daily operation in the winery. We had two Luca’s one French and one Italian both very enthusiastic and driven by organic and biodynamic farming.

As a result of the small vintage and early ripening season, we were finished harvesting earlier than usual and everything was tucked away by early May. The wines are very rich and concentrated across the range, and they are tasting delicious. 

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