With well prepared soils and healthy vines, biodynamically we are focussed on ideal picking times and monitor the lunar calendar closely.    Ideally we try to pick on the morning of ascending periods but the weather and anxiety levels of Angus need to be monitored closely. 

After harvest is a good time to bury the manure-filled cow horns.  They will rest quietly over the winter and be dug up in the spring to be used in organic preparations sprayed later in the year.

March to May          

The last of the fruit thinning happens and we prepare for vintage which usually starts during the last days of March. Harvest is a time of celebration so it is picking, picking, and more picking.  

The fruit is delivered to the winery and with minimal handling and intervention is made into the year’s vintage.

Toward the end of winter is a tranquil time on the vineyard, The vines have worked hard producing wonderful fruit. They are now resting and storing valuable nutrients for the next season.